Growing Your Business Beyond Whatsapp in 2022 -KitCart

1. Prioritize Reach

Beyond Whatsapp

Uncapped Reach

Capped Reach

Go Beyond

Expand your reach

Organic Reach (Not so Free)

Paid Reach (The Real Deal)

2. Sell Or Be Sold

1. Selling on Instagram

2. Influencer Marketing

3. Outbound Marketing

4. Content Marketing

5. Guerilla Marketing

Sell More With

1. Search Engine Marketing

2. Contact Marketing

3. Affiliate marketing

4. Dropshipping

A sermon to losers

What Is Scalable?

Quit Being A Loser.

Closed Economy

Free Economy

1. Scalable By Product

2. Scalable By Branding

3. Scalable By Commitment




1 month ago

Could it be said that you are a business visionary with a major vision and a considerably greater drive to get it going? Here is your guide to building an adaptable, high-development startup.


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