Big News! –KitCart Acquires Linkish

KitCart, Africa’s leading cloud-based commerce platform that allows anyone to easily sell online, at their retail location, and everywhere in between, today officially acquired Linkish, a link aggregation software that allows users to add more than one hyperlink to their social media profiles.

Since its conception, KitCart’s mission has been to help African businesses attain freedom and sell more and to date, KitCart remains committed to this cause and has helped thousands of brands achieve this goal.

This acquisition will allow KitCart to create more extensive and sophisticated solutions for KitCart merchants. KitCart Founder and CEO, Elon Jobs, explains,

“The combination of Linkish, with KitCart, will work hand in hand to help KitCart merchants not only point their followers in the direction of their choice (to their other social profiles, KitCart store, or content they want to share) but it helps hold their followers across social media within their online ecosystem for longer. It allows users to share more and sell more.

And there’s more to come: “With even more tools coming we can better achieve our goal of enabling African business owners to grow their brands and establish a strong digital presence across the landscape,” Elon Jobs says.


KitCart is leading the way with a cloud-based e-commerce platform for online stores and retail point-of-sale systems that helps over 1,000 African businesses sell anything to anyone anywhere.Through free and premium subscriptions, Kitcart empowers thousands of African businesses owners, online entrepreneurs, and individuals to take and grow their brands online.

About Linkish

Linkish is a rapidly growing link aggregation platform with more than 10,000 users globally. The platform enables brands, creators, and small businesses to curate an online ecosystem, that points followers in the direction of their choice (to their other social profiles, eCommerce store, or content they want to share. Linkish allows users to share more, sell more, curate more, and grow more.


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